Edwin (Interview)

We started off by asking Edwin a little about himself and his history, including his experiences encountering the model minority myth. The model minority myth is the myth that Asians as a group are what all minorities and immigrants should strive to be like – living the American dream of creating success for themselves while starting from nothing. While Edwin grew up with parents that … Continue reading Edwin (Interview)

Mitchell Pathammavong (Covid Interview)

**Link to Interview** Participants: Interviewers Alex Campos Cameron Coston Edwin Lopez Jaezelle Arciaga Kelley Clayton Michael Martin Interviewee Mitchell Pathammavong Cal State East Bay May 6, 2020   Summary Because of COVID-19, anti-Asian sentiment has resurfaced in affected areas. What was once seen as the “yellow peril”—which was the fear that Asians would disrupt western values—now adds a slight twist with the “Chinese Virus”. Because … Continue reading Mitchell Pathammavong (Covid Interview)


Link to Interview Key Words: Model Minority: a demographic group whose members are perceived to achieve a higher degree of socioeconomic success than the population average. Diversity: the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization. Anxiety: Natural response to stress and stressful events, characterized by feelings of worry and fear of what’s to … Continue reading Vincent

Daryl (Interview)

Link to Interview Location: California State University East Bay Date: May 2020 Collective Statement In times of crisis and pandemic we begin to wonder what our true values are. We get to witness the reality of our society, and step foot into the hole that it has created. We divide ourselves by color but insist that we are all humans. However during COVID-19 we begin … Continue reading Daryl (Interview)

Van Duong (Interview)

Link to Interview Summary Interviewers: Shanya Prasad, Yuleny Flores, Dat Lam, Vincent Quach, Henry Nguyen Interviewee: Van Duong Location: California State University, Hayward Date: May 2020 Collective Statment:  Ms. Van Duong is one woman out of the potential 420,000+ women who are currently out of employment as a result of the current pandemic crisis COVID-19. According to the article, Women Are Losing More Jobs In … Continue reading Van Duong (Interview)

Lulani Ritok

Lulani Ritok Oral History Interview Brendon Shigematsu  Sheena Nguyen  Lulani Ritok Cal State East Bay November 18, 2019   Summary Not only do the Marshallese people struggle with their traumatic past, but as the years pass on their story slowly begins to be forgotten because less and less Marshallese people speak about their story like the way lulani has been doing.  The interview we had … Continue reading Lulani Ritok

Elaine Barut

Elaine Barut Oral History Interview Interviewee: Elaine Barut Location: University of Pacific Library in Stockton, California  Date: November 18, 2019  Summary:  Elaine Barut is the program manager at the Little Manila Rising Foundation. This foundation is a supporter for historic preservation of Little Manila in Stockton, California. The institution also, provides education and leadership to reconstruct what the Filipino community had before the redevelopment of Little … Continue reading Elaine Barut

Rakesh Sewak

Rakesh Sewak’s Oral History Interview Summary The interview of Rakesh Sewak took place inside of Shingar Emporium, which is a desi retail store on South Mission Boulevard. Mr. Sewak grew up in Fiji, a group of islands in the South Pacific. Fiji has had South Asians since the 1800s and Indo-Fijians currently comprise about 43% of Fiji’s population. Mr. Sewak grew up modestly and has … Continue reading Rakesh Sewak

Daisy Maxion

Decolonizing University Daisy Maxion Oral History Interview Interviewer: Nicole Gonzales Interviewee: Daisy Maxion Location: ASI Office, CSU East Bay Date: December 3rd, 2019 Summary Daisy Maxion, former PASA (Pilipinx American Student Association) President and current ASI President, goes into depth about finding her identity through her culture and using her positionality to help others in different communities. Daisy first recalls her earliest memories of being … Continue reading Daisy Maxion